Sky Plus HD Box with 2 TB Hard Drive

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Product Description

This is the very latest genuine ‘W’ 2015 model with built-in wifi and official 2TB hard drive, sealed and brand new. The Sky DRX895 Sky+ HD Digibox stands out from the rest with its premium dark grey/black (gloss) curved shape, plus the small case design only found in this latest generation digibox; also comes with matching remote. The unit contains the massive 2TB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+, allowing you to record up to 1180 hours of SD or 350 hours of HD.


  • 2TB Hard Drive Non-Subscription Model
  • Six times more personal storage than our Sky+HD box!
  • Record up to 350 hours of HD TV – that’s enough for two weeks’ worth of HD TV – Or up to 1180 hours of standard TV. That’s nearly 50 days of TV
  • Built-in wifi so you can connect to your broadband router for on-demand services
  • The ‘SKY+ High Definition’ PVR has all the functionality of SKY+ with the added advantage of its High Definition capability
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